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More Work Less Fuss

A Galaxy of Best Apps on Linux

Privacy By Default

Enhanced Privacy Protection

Super Stable

Built on Debian Base for Stability

Fast & Light

Fast Execution & Light on Hardware

Stunning Fusion

Beautiful Desktop Design

Super Secure

Regular System & Security Updates

Stunning Fusion UI.

LIX Linux reshapes design of computing experience into its own,

Designed With Privacy In Mind.

We designed LIX Linux with Privacy in mind,
for your Peace of mind.

Save & Share, Your Memories.

Share your memories instantly between phone and LIX Linux powered computers.

Consider Work,

Presentations. Projects. Documents.
Name any task!

With powerful LibreOffice suite.
Consider Your Work Done!

Play Games.

Lutris combines your favorite games from Steam, GOG, Epic Games in a single app. Access all at once. Play one after another.

Code {&} Edit.

Code, edit & modify to your satisfaction.

Create Next

With power of open source apps.
Create your next Masterpiece!

Stay Secure, Protect Privacy,
Create Memories!

LIX Linux 2, Released!

LIX Linux