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Welcome to LIX Linux!

First there are some steps which you should take to secure your system.

1) Setting a strong and complex password
LIX Linux by default has no password, the user needs to create one after installation

2) Disabling auto-login.
LIX Linux by default is set to automatically log you in, after creating your password you may need to disable auto log in for security.

LIX Linux F.A.Q

Q) How to change or set Password?

In System Settings, select Users and click Change Password.

Q) How to disable autologin?

Go to System Settings, select Startup and Shutdown, select Behavior and uncheck autologin button.

Q) Why KDE Wallet keep asking for password?

KDE Wallet is a password manager which stores various passwords for you such as your WiFi passwords, passwords saved in Chromium. Chromium based web browsers and others.

Q) Stop KDE wallet Popup

Right click on WiFi icon, select configure network connections, click on WiFi Security tab and select “store Password for all users“.

Q) Discover Store keeps crashing

Starting Discover on fresh install for first time may result in crash as it is updating repositories. Give it some time and take following steps:

1) Make sure you’re connected to the internet

2) When you open Discover for first time, “Home” tab is selected. It requires Internet connection for once to fetch the content. Click on any other tab to prevent any sudden closing of app

Q) Other Operating Systems (Windows) not showing on GRUB Menu

1) Open Konsole and run the command:
sudo update-grub

2) The above should solve it but If still you can’t find the desired operating system, open Grub Customizer. Locate the OS and bring it to your desired position in GRUB menu and run the above command again.

Q) How to install new applications and programs?

All available applications and programs can be installed with one click from Discover app, select the application you want to install and click install button.

Q) How to remove/uninstall programs?

All installed applications can be removed with one click from Discover app, select the application you want to remove and click remove button.

You can also type in terminal “sudo apt-get remove (program name)

Q) How to install applications and programs outside of Discover store?

For security, always install from Discover store but If your desired application is not available in Discover app then we recommend the following:

1. Download app from
2. If app is not even available on flathub then visit official website of desired software and follow the installation instructions.

Q) ProtonVPN does not work. How to connect to ProtonVPN?

Make sure that KDE Wallet is enabled and enter the correct KDE Wallet password when it asks for any authentication.

Q) How to update the system?

Discover App Store receive updates whenever they are made available. You can download all updates in one click or manually install them by selecting certain updates only.

Q) How do I connect my phone with LIX Linux?

To connect your phone use “KDE Connect”

Q) Firefox Pinned Icons are blank

1) Open Firefox, go to Settings, Privacy & Security, Clear Data, select Cached Web Content and Clear.

2) Open Dolphin file manager and in path file paste below line and Delete all files

Q) Why my printer, phone or any Bluetooth device doesn’t connect?

Whitelist your device in Firewall settings.

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